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HTS Beams are constructed with glue laminated lumber flanges connected with a thin wall corrugated steel web, which creates a unique synergy in hybrid technology. All HTS Beams are designed specific to your project and in accordance with your specific requirements. These are designed to replace I Joist, Trusses, Engineered Wood beams and other normal forms of wood construction.

Long spans, low depth vs capacity ratios, ease of use and economy are all reliable arguments for the use of the HTS Beam in various construction projects.


Innovated technology providing new solutions for the construction industry.

The HTS Beam may be used for the following applications:

Floor systems · Flat, Mono Pitch or Purlin Roof systems · Wall Studs or Posts · Headers and light beams

The HTS Beam can be used for the following structures:

Residential · Commercial · Industrial · Agricultural


HTS Beams – The Intelligent Solution in Construction

Facts at a glance:

Lightweight and easy to use · Straight and dimensionally stable · Strong and Stiff – low depth vs capacity ratio · Durable · Environmentally Friendly – low material use · Economical · Energy Efficient · Aesthetically Pleasing


Hybrid Technology – Combining the best technology Available


The HTS beams are lightweight and easy to install using common installation details. Beams are designed and manufactured specifically for your project. The team at Twin River Beam will design, quote, manufacture and deliver HTS Beams to your project specifications.

All beams are cut to length, however may be cut with a common circular saw should job-site modifications be required. Holes may be drilled thru the web to accommodate electrical and plumbing requirements.

*The combination of these properties is not offered by any other I-beam system.*


Construction Physics

The HTS Beams are manufactured using Machine Stress Rated (MSR) lumber flanges, finger jointed and glue laminated in a variety of thicknesses and widths. Wood is excellent for both the transfer and absorption of forces in the direction of the fibres. All finger jointed or finger jointed and glue laminated flanges (heavy flanges) are sized to exacting finished dimensions after manufacture.

The use of MSR Lumber with the above construction techniques provides tested reliability, exceptionally strong and stiff, dimensionally stable flanges.
The heart and soul of the HTS Beam is the corrugated steel web and resulting semi resilient web / flange connection. The shear flow between the flanges is transferred in a perfect manner by one or two parallel webs and the web / flange connection absorbs forces caused by vibration.

The combination of the laminated (heavy) flanges, corrugated metal web and semi resilient web / flange connection provides the best load capacity vs depth of beam ratio in the industry. The long spans achievable reduce the requirements for foundations and mid-bearing beams or walls.

The HTS Beam is Environmentally Friendly. The small flange section combined with the thin wall steel web optimizes the usage of material vs the load capacity of the beam. The combination of lumber flanges and the semi resilient web / flange connection reduces noise transfer thru floor or wall systems. This same combination resists vibration forces associated with earthquakes.

The HTS beam may be used with all code approved built up fire or sound assemblies.



Technical Specifications

Flanges are constructed with MSR2100 rated lumber finger jointed and glue laminated.

The corrugated metal web is manufactured from hot-dipped galvanized steel sheets, Z 275 coating grade equivalent to G-90 grade, that are 0.5 mm thick and conforms to En 10326 and equivalent to ASTM A 635, Grade 550 (MPA), equivalent to Grade 80 (Ksi). The metal web penetrates a minimum of 20 mm into the wood flange

Beams lengths to 80’-0”

Beam depths 7.25” to 22”

Flange depths 1.375” to 4.125”

Flange widths 3.4375” to 5.4375”

Beam weight 2.75 to 12.5 lbs per lin. ft.


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What Clients Say…

Richard Harris

After careful research and comparison I choose to use the HTS Beam System for my new home just outside of Vancouver Canada.  The decision was not only due to the overall strength, ease of installation but also because of the rigidity and span.  Some of our sections span 40′ and due to the slight flat roof construction the HTS Beam System became the only solution.  I ordered them, they arrived a week later and with in one day we had them up.  If you are looking for a solid reliable product and company to work with then look no further Walter and the Twin River Beam Company are the best.

Founder InfluencerSeven Starz Capital




Vern Selinger

The strength to weight ratio seems to be very high in these beams and because of their relatively light weight they are very easy to install as no special equipment is needed. These beams proved to be very, very adaptable as we ran into design issues during installation but we were able to satisfy all Engineering and local bylaw inspectors with the new design and it was installed with minimal delays. A large selling point for us is the strength these beams have when under duress,especially fire ,as we used them on floors in between suites .This enabled us to advertise our basement suites as being much safer than with traditional floor joists in the event of a catastrophe such as fire or explosion. The delivery was on time and all the extra pieces like hangars were included. We would use these beams again and we have recommended these beams to our Architect and he has expressed his interest in using them where possible. We would definitely recommend these beams to anyone and will answer any questions we receive as quickly as possible.

PresidentVern Selinger Construction Ltd.


Herman Decker

Would use them again in a heartbeat. Service was great. We loaded them to the max no bounce at all. Installing them super easy, best joist I have ever used for mezzanine. Was very pleased and happy with them. Don’t be scared to use them. I used some remaining joists for ramps for loading small equipment on trailers – can’t kill them. It’s a super beam, keep up the good work. 

Construction ManagerClearspring Farms



Yes, I would highly recommend these Beams. Would use them again in the next project if required. Easy to handle, light weight, received order in good time. Good quality lumber, doesn’t split or crack even when fastening. 

Quill Lake Farm Company Ltd.


Rueben Entz

They are very ease to install there is no bounce on those beams and I will use them again. 

Construction MangerMeridian Farms


Kirk Nagus

We recently completed construction of a new manufacturing/office facility for Axiom Industries Ltd. of Saskatoon, Sk. Your 19″ HTS34 Joists with LVB3.31 T/M hangers were used as the structural component for the second floor. This floor separates the assembly area and office.

The HTS34 Joists were provided at a very competitive price. They were delivered on schedule, sizes and quantities were correct and the shipment arrived in good condition.

The installation of the hangers and joists was straightforward and easily accomplished.

We are particularly impressed with the stiffness of the floor structure. There is no noticeable deflection of the floor when people are moving about. This will no doubt result in a much quieter environment both on the main and second levels.

General MangerAxiom Industries Ltd.

Photo Gallery

Watch the short video of our beams being installed on a 4,000 sq. ft. residential home.

Curved 7 degree roof
Curved 7 degree roof

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